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  • Healing Crystals differentiate from other rocks for its organised chemical composition. That’s the reason why Crystals are great conductors of energy
  • All minerals that grow within the Earth contain a high energy charge. All healing Crystals contain natural element powers due to millions of years of formation 
  • They have been shaped by volcanic heat and water dropping into the ground
  • Healing Crystals are the natural alternative for drugs and medicines. Crystals are non-invasive remedies for everyday alignments 
  • They all work in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane. Crystals are a holistic-based system that can alleviate symptoms from physical and emotional disturbances; Crystal work on energetic level
  • You can use rough cut, tumbled or polished stones as all have equal energy
  • In order to achieve healing it’s essential that Crystals are 100% natural and Mystic Ireland is the only Dublin Crystal shop that exclusively offers you natural stones 
  • Crystals are the solution of many physical, emotional and mental issues without the use of drugs. Crystals also offer support in your spiritual development. Come along and explore current Mystic Ireland’s selection of natural Crystals

Crystal Jewellery

The most popular and easy way to wear healing stones is through jewellery. Its direct contact with your skin speeds up the healing process. In ancient cultures Gemstone earrings were worn to protect the mind against psychological attack. Pendants will guard the heart from emotional manipulation. Bracelets will attract abundant and prosperity. Check out Mystic Ireland’s high quality selection of earrings, bracelets and pendants; some items are online exclusive

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